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Service Policy

1.  Yao Jie offers free samples that let you touch and evaluate your selected materials, color and cosmetic details.
We will make free samples according to the designs and instructions you provide.  We currently allow one order for a maximum of 3 samples but should you require over three samples, then you may contact us for further discussions.
The standard lead time for samples is usually 5-7 days.  We ship them using the customer’s courier account.
For any special samples, such as those requiring special molds, we charge developing fees and refund them to customer under certain conditions.

2.  We provide pre-production samples for each order to obtain customer’s final approval.

3.  We guarantee product quality and will replace any defective products at no charge..

4.  We provide OEM service and have the experience, capability and R&D to undertake OEM projects.  Once customers provide us the concept information and detailed specifications, we will work with customers closely to prototype products until they meet customer requirements. OEM service flow chart is as follows:
a.  New project initiation (over all project coordination of customer requirements)
b.  Research and design, (design and development of prototype at our R&D center)
c.  Sample approval, (samples sent to customer for confirmation or instructions for modifications)
d.  Production, (manufacture per approved samples)
e.  Service and support, (additional development programs and logistics support)