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Quality Control

Quality Control and Advanced Production Control System
Yao Jie attaches great importance to the production control system. We require every process to meet the highest standards, from raw material purchase to product completion.  We strictly control each step to make sure the finished products meet all quality standards.  The details are as follows:
1. After receipt of order, we purchase the materials and inspect the material against our standards.
2. After ensuring the materials are qualified, we laminate backing material.
3. During the material lamination process, we confirm perfection of the backing quality, and only then are the qualified materials released for cutting.
4. QC is done on cut parts both before and after embroidering.
5. After passing QC, the parts are sent to the sewing department. QC continues throughout the sewing process to ensure they meet the design specifications with the highest possible workmanship standards.
6. After final inspection, the finished products are passed through a sensitive metal detector to ensure there are no needles or other debris inside and then packaged according to customer requirements.